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SOMM 90th Anniversary The Journey Ahead Unabridged: Transformative Global Ministries

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SOMM 90th Anniversary The Journey Ahead Unabridged

October 2017 Blog

By Rebecca Hiraoka and Kathy Mastroianni, RScP

As we wrap up our commemoration of the Guide for Spiritual Living: Science of Mind magazine's 90th anniversary, we explore new pathways of this teaching throughout the Religious Science movement. These powerful world ministries (and so many others) are forming the future of this organization and the next annals of the Science of Mind Library & Archives Foundation.  

Due to space limitation in the printed magazine and an abundance of enthusiastic responses for information from the various ministries, the Science of Mind Archives is hosting the full, unabridged versions of all these articles--including a few new ones! There are a series of six blog articles, one on each of the following ministries: Interfaith & Multicultural, Social Justice, Emerging Leaders, Diversity, Global, and Seniors. 

Be inspired! If you read about a ministry that you would like to learn about or could possibly work for your Center--reach out. Contact them. Let's share these Creative Ideas with each other to truly reveal a World That Works for Everyone--Now.     


Transformative Global Ministries!

Sydney, Australia

Founder: Reverend Robyn Holt

Contact:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

“There is currently no Centers for Spiritual Living in Australia - there are 3-4 SOM study groups in Sydney and Melbourne. I have wanted to return to my home town of Sydney for some time and to do so with such a great mission of establishing a CSL Center is very exciting!


To create a vibrant spiritual community in Sydney, Australia – a safe, loving gathering “place” (physical & virtual) that both challenges & supports people to wake up and continuously expand who they are as spiritual & human beings and how they can contribute to making this world a better place. I see a modern, vibration-raising, colorful “feel” everywhere – in the décor, in the brand, in the message, in the offerings, in the people – it’s a happening scene!


Upon my successful licensing as a CSL minister, I need to obtain Phase 1 approval from Home Office for a Center to be established in Sydney. Then we will need to do the legal set-up for a Non-Profit Foundation in Australia to establish a CSL Center and in so doing establish a Board of Trustees who are able to issue me with my Letter of Call. From there it is taking all the steps necessary to bring a spiritual community into existence - creating the brand, the message, the location, the presence, the offerings and the key people to make it all a manifested reality.


There have been various New Thought ministries established in Australia since before WW2, yet Science of Mind as a practical faith and successful philosophy is still relatively unknown. It is my vision that with the creation of the first CSL in Australia since integration and the ability to now train practitioners and ministers through our online education program, there will be at least 3-4 viable, self-supporting SOM Centers in Australia within 10-15 years. I wish for this to be my legacy!”



El Puente-The Bridge (El Puente del Caribe Study Group)

Costa Rica

Founders/Co-Directors:  Nanci Stevens & Barry Stevens


Link to CNN news report on The Bridge:


“Spirit introduced us to the profound discrepancy between the deep poverty we found ourselves surrounded by and our own relative wealth. Two things are happening in parallel here:  a Study Group for expats, sending our 300 Volunteers yearly back home with a passion for Science Of Mind; and after going to prayer, serving thousands of the indigenous people here as they emulate the principles they see us using to work their way to self-sufficiency.


Our vision is to help build a higher consciousness in the world, starting at our personal Ground Zero.

Raising more money and getting the word out to the world is what needs to happen to accomplish this vision. Nanci's first book, "The Bribri And The Bridge", about life as we live it down here, can help accomplish this.


We also plan to buy the property around us so we can construct a Global Volunteer Training Center. As another opportunity for Outreach, 1.7 million college grads in the US each year are now required to travel and volunteer before they get their degree.


The Bridge has had tithes from Centers throughout the US, and inquiries throughout the world. Some have even visited with large volunteer groups, bringing money and supplies and a willingness to pitch in.  In my working history, I've been COO of a franchise – and am happy to serve as an advisor to do my part in spreading this around the world.”


Nanci and Barry Stevens




Temenos Center for Spiritual Living and TEMENOS Center for Self-Realization/ SOM Community

Cherkasy, Ukraine

Spiritual Leader: Reverend Dr. Barbara Leger



“For my whole life I have been pulled by the idea of spirituality and peace. I knew that we should not ever have war, that it was pulling us apart and that we had the wrong ideas. But/and when my son Andrew was 9 or 10 he came into my room and asked me “Will I live long enough to go to college Mom?”  I was shocked and then I realized that we were talking about grown up things in front of children who had no filters to keep the fear away.  I realized then in that moment that if I was not part of the solution I was part of the problem.  And then my life led me to search for peace within, for ways to learn to communicate with people with whom I didn’t have any common ground, and the notion of economic development  took me to Europe and then continued and added citizen diplomacy that took me to the Soviet Union, then Russia.


It was not one moment, but a thread, a trail that I followed throughout my life. In 1990, while in Russia on business with my own project management company, I decided to look for the outposts of Science of Mind being taught there and I found them in Moscow, St. Petersburg and oh my goodness, in the Ural mountains on the east side of Siberia. In each of the communities there was a passionate leader and an equally passionate audience, thrilled to hear of another way to perceive This Thing Called Life and to have that perspective set you free to change your thinking and actually see your life changed.  It was revolutionary. Everyone was hungry for it and there was nothing like it. I returned home to California and signed up for Holmes Institute and arrived back in Ukraine, into the city where I had  helped set up a Sister City in the 90s, on September 11th, 2001. A momentous day to begin. Now 16 years later we have reduced our 27 practitioners to 12 active ones - we are only teaching in two Ukraine cities and in Crimea, now occupied by Russian, where we have 4 practitioners.


TEMENOS is a prosperous center of Peace, Transformation and Freedom.


We are part of creating the new United Nations, not the organization, but the coming together of the world as we move into peace on earth.

PEACE NOW - A Global Vision   This Is An Invitation To Anyone Who Lives On Precious Planet Earth

World Peace will be a profound legacy to bequest our children.


Please ask yourselves these questions:

  • How will you live now to ensure PEACE is possible in our lifetime?

  • On 10th anniversary of  PEACE, what will you have discovered?

  • What will you tell the children about how PEACE happened?


Are you willing to be one of the ones who shift the world to PEACE?  Yes, together we CAN do it!


As a former Soviet country, Ukraine is very motivated to live in peace.  As a country experiencing occupation and war for the last 3 years, Ukraine is very motivated to live in peace with its neighbors both inside and outside the country. Through TEMENOS a new program has come into being called PEACE NOW which is becoming the leading edge of our work and global service.  We have a program that has 3 simple steps to find your way to peace again:  BREATHE, Trust Life, Give Thanks. We guarantee that it works.


PEACE NOW is emerging as a teaching, a training, a spiritual practice that allows us to take dominion over our energy and focus and when in a state of peace, then it is easier to make correct choices and wise decisions. We are less susceptible to the stress, judgements and reactions that cause problems.  We have tested it for  two years in a simple format of a two sided card to keep visible on the mirror or desk and we know that it works. We translated it into 5 languages and distributed it at the last World Parliament of Religions.  Everyone loves it and those who use it find it is transformative.

Now we are on  three paths for the PEACE NOW project to develop:

A. EDUCATIONAL/INSPIRATIONAL (classes, seminars, training, presenting at conferences and weekend retreats  designed for various segments of communities worldwide including families, the elementary school classroom, business and organizations, and government agencies

B. PRODUCTS (inspiration cards- set of cards with sayings in a great package, books for children and families, workbooks, notecards, affirmation sets, calendars, power point presentations and slide shows)

C. PEACE QUILTS (the VISION is that every country has a PEACE QUILT and why not families, cities, spiritual communities, organizations - doing a quilt together brings us together in a new way across many former boundaries)  Imagine the UN general assembly halls lined with quilts on PEACE DAY? Imagine the Olympics where people carry in their flag and then their quilt?  Imagine the conversations we can have about life and the false barriers we have between us.   


We have two guides  - a master quilter and the man who started the AIDS quilt and we are just beginning.


PEACE NOW has just been accepted to be part of the CSL Heart of Peace Collective Meditation Program and making our cards available to anyone or any center who participates in this CSL program.

  • In Ukraine we have always been involved and supportive of any of the Russian sites and practitioners remaining. Without a spiritual leader, many of the great developments are losing their focus and spiritual guidance is less available however there still are 4 or 5 viable groups and we would like to be more active there.

  • In No. America, we are now bringing our translated Ernest Holmes material, and with the help of Global Services and also Drs. John and Barbara Waterhouse, we are getting the books available to the wider public, We always intended to bring the learning we receive in Ukraine and share it with CSL communities and we do that by having partnerships and doing projects together and we do this with a handful of communities now and would like to have many active partnerships.

  • We do a youth and young adult outreach program called Laws of Life Essay contest and we have just published a bi-lingual book with many of the winners from recent years and excerpts of other essays, interviews, pictures and stories of how the program is changing lives in Ukraine. As we distribute the book, we intend to support the development of other youth outreach programs.

  • As I consult with other centers and provide support to allow a leader to take a sabbatical, or do interim ministry, what I have learned and the products we create are all shared in one way or another.


It was always my intention to make a manual for others who want to start a center in an area where English and western model of things is quite foreign and we would love to find a sponsor help us to have the time to take what we have well documented and assemble into a resource for people wanting to do things in a new way, in a land where it is not the norm.  We are happy to mentor other groups. I would love to find someone willing to go to Russia and we would give you everything and walk each step with you.Anything is possible. My choice is PEACE IN MY LIFETIME.”

















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